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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Have fun in a WAR

Once I log in to my FB
I saw a comment from a bastard called "ray chee"
He leaved a rude comment on my wall
I accept any judgment from your guys
But not rude words like "open your big mouth and s**** lah"
What the hell
Did my mouth mess with you?
I cannot pretend like nothing and just ignore it
I am not needed to be so generous for those peoples who's rude to me
Well, I m not mad on it
Just felt funny :D
Has been long time ago, I din't meet someone like him
Little poor thing who cannot get any attention then started to act like kid
Wish to get some attention from somebody *lol*click to enlarge it

A girl, Oh no, I wont mention her name
Since she is a girl, I don't want be so cruel to her *peace
She agree with the Ray Chee
well, following buy her boy-friend, then a guy-Mr K
Have fun with them
What they said were just too childish
Not make sense at all
And keep telling me the same thing
"you can just ignore them"
Okay, then how about 3 of you?
Teach me to ignore peoples, then 3 of you just kept spam on my wall
don't it sounds ridiculous? self-contradiction

I act like a super star~
I like to show-off~
I am pride~
bla bla bla
Did I need to do like that?
Don't be a fool in front me okay?
Being a graphic designer is not what I wish to
Just because of my dad's dream
So I don't want let him down
I accept and try to do my best

Stop bark at me since you don't know what is going on *i'm not mad

But, really thanks to those peoples who abused me on FB
They let me know who are really stand by my side and who are not
Thanks to your guys who support me and trust on me
Touching lahh~ :)

Chat with Vv just now
He told me an answer that had never been told
Thanks~ It sweeten my heart :D
he is going to leave here and take off to Sabah
All the best ya dude, pls take care of yourself
Feel free to give me a call when you miss me *lol
No worries, I wont forget you
You are always in my buddies list

Planning my schedule on this Sunday
Morning, afternoon, evening
... ... ... ...

let's finish my post first *lol
Good night

*daphne-the dark side*
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