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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fake Banana

Don't worry about me
I'm okay with the case which I mentioned on the previous post
Money only what, Give her lo *lol
Thanks for Mr.Daryl again
I'm okay
No need worry too much about me

I felt so happy yesterday (means this afternoon,but already passed 12 o'clock,so.....)
why? secret~ wakaka
Don't ask me ya
I wont tell *:p

Fake banana
What is the definition of fake banana? *lol

Many peoples told me that my English is quite good
if it's true, I'm here to thanks my English tuition teacher so so so much :)
You know what?
My english was damn poor when I was standard 2 until standard 5
Always failed on english test*goshh
My school teacher also can't help anything with my english *lol
I even don't know what is "was", "were", "pass tense(ed)", etc.
And I really have no idea how to differentiate plural and singular
When to use "s" or when to use "ing"
Then my step-mother teach me some simple grammar
I get A for BI in UPSR and of cause for PMR too
I never go for tuition since primary school until form 3
I studied myself and I was get into the pure-science class when I was form 4
BIO and CHEMISTRY are killing me that time
So no choice, have to go for tuition
besides BIO and CHEMIST, I tuition for English and Add Maths as well
My english teacher is damn pro in english speaking
I learned a lot from her, that's why my english was enhanced so much during these few years
Ms Yin, Thank you so much :)

read peoples' blog just now
their hits reached 1000++ just for one day
FUYOH *lol
Just wondering how they make it?
one day 1000++
It's far far far far far away from mine :D

My jobs gained
Good or bad?
Perhaps I can handle it well
"I'm 20++ years old..." this is what I told my customers *lol
No choice weyy
Have to act older as they wont trust on my ability if they know I'm just 18
I'm not meant to lie anyone *lol
I'm a good good girl~

*daphne-the bright side*
get INFECTED:50% :)