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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Friendship or friend-shit

Bought Popteen and choc *weeee
Learning the make up from them
Pop-model make up really well *thumb's up
Met Kent today
Starbucks again *wink
*thanks Kent for the drink
We sat down, started our conversation
What he told me was really stunned me
But it's predictable
Your guys curious to know what happened?
Okay, let me share with you all

Few months ago
I knew a pretty girl from FB who named Michelle
We chat often, and of cause, we became best friend
BUT we never meet up (sounds weird huh?)
One day, she asked for my help
As she told me, she needed money for her study stuff
She asked RM200 from me
I did bank-in for her (silly huh?...or stupid?)
Then few weeks after that
Again, she needed money
I did give her again (noob!!!)
But this time, she asked her bro-ex to take money from me
Recording to what she said, the girl was her bro's ex-gf
Well, I don't think too much
After that, she told me she was at oversea for some surgery
Then she is still at oversea now

You know what???
Kent told me, actually her bro's ex-gf is HER
the girl is michelle,michelle is the girl
What the hell!
They are same person
But michelle cheated us with another pretty girl's picture
She is a faker!
And she fooled peoples around
Cheating peoples around
There are still many victims besides me
How silly were we!
*I'm not mad :)

actually I not care about those money
I was upset with her attitude
I treated her with my true heart
But how about her?
What is a friendship means to her?
A friendship or a friend-shit?
A shit even more valuable to her, I guess
I hate peoples fooled me when I fully trusted on him/her
RM300 to buy the ticket to see your show
it's worth for it!
But your show is over, you are not needed to act in front of us anymore
Our friendship is over my dear
I'm okay :)
guys, no worries

**daphne-the dark side**
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