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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Big Bang

I fall in love to Big Bang DEEPLY
Viewed their Live Concert 2009 in y**tube
Damn nice
T.O.P, I love you

Had cut my hair yesterday
Thanks Howard
I'm very satisfied with it

Din't cut much
Just cut the trim to make it nicer :)

Read my babe, Diana's blog
>>babe, don't always let him hurts you
>>remember what you promised me?

>>let it go when it's not worth to hold anymore

--7 july 2009--

Cacat gang's promise *lol
Cacat gor gor, don't forget our promise ya

Something happened on FB a.k.a facebook pissed me off again
There is a guy keep convincing me to be a better person with his
"good" principles
As you all know, I dislike peoples to ask me those GENERAL questions
So I replied him with a message which looks "rude" (this is what he
By the way, I'm not agree with him
He is not qualified to judge me
And yet,
He still teach me to care about other peoples' feeling

What the...................................
Should I care how is a stranger feeling?
It doesn't make sense my dear

I'm not GOD, I'm not needed to be kind with something which really piss me off

I just tell my feeling with my own style Don't like it? Get off
Okay, Next

How should I call him? hmmp
My "friend" argue with me just now
I really speechless lah wehhhh
I thought he already changed

But I was wrong
Dude, I never think like what you thought
Please don't simply judge me with your own belief

You made me so upset

And I'm here to thanks my readers sincerely
I just public my blog for 3 days
The hits already reached 250++
I'm so happy with that
Thanks you guys so much :)

Actually I'm damn busy for my job every single day
I try my best to update my blog at midnight
Sleepy BUT I just don't wish to left my blog out for few days
Wish all of you enjoy to read my blog

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