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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

beauty CARE

My keep fit life has began
Wish me all the best ya *lol
Let's have a look on my meals
*breakfast*lunch*no dinner
that's all
Maybe you guys would think: what the hell??? how can it be? not healthy at all!
But you know what?
I consume oat,yogurt and eggs
I already can get enough nutrition that I need
Don't worry about me
and no advices pls
I m stubborn *lol

My title is "beauty care"
so let's move on to my "face problem"
I have very serious dark eyes circle
*many peoples told me that,I knew it. it's a fact,so I don't mind. :)
I'm finding solution for it
Any suggestion? Thanks
I bought this today
Perhaps it works

I am going to cut my hair tomorrow
my fringe is too ugly *ewwww
Horward(my hair stylist), DON'T spoil my hair ya~

---Jump topic---
My sis met a "good" guy who is so eagle to going after her *lol
I won't mention his name lahh
Nest, you know , I know *wink
But I just can't stand with what the guy did to her
Should say..............a bit funny *lol

I'm learning HTML
wish to design a blog that's belong to me
JUST the only one
But........HTML is killing me arggggg

Ehhem (clear my throat)
I'm here to thanks my didi, CheeFung
He is the one who told me that cannot leave comment on my blog
Then I only realized it
Thanks so much :)

I already changed the setting
Comment is able to reach to Daphne now

*daphne-the dark side*
get INFECTED:85%
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