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Friday, November 2, 2012

Nuffnang X

NUFFNANG has released a new revolutionary android and IOS app
It’s similar to instagram and twitter, BUT it suits best for blog readers! 
You can follow those bloggers you like, and their blog updates will be appeared on your feeds. 
Just a click away then you can read their new post!!
On the other hand, you could like the post just by a tap, 
leaving feedback and comments are sooo easy just like leaving comments on instagram
you can chat with your favourite blogger with the conversation inbox function, how cool right

Search <Nuffnang X> on your iphone’s app store. Download & install.
The app will auto recommend you some blogs, if you have blog you like, 
just tab on ”add blog” and search for your favorite blog’s url then click on “follow”
(Follow MINE kayyyyy :P)

after you follow those blogs you like, all their blog post will be shown on your FEED!
if u like the blog post, and wanna read the entire post, just tab on the post
You could leave comments on the blog post via NNX too
the comment you leave, will auto create a mini “chat room” with the blogger on that blog post,
and you will be notified whenever the blogger replied your comment
This brings you and me closer… so comment me NOW! 

If you are a blogger, you could manage and claim your blog thru NNX’s website
Expand our blogosphere together-gether :)

Lots of new posts coming soon!
REAL sooon