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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween Horror Spirits (updated with video's link)

Did she scared you off? lol.

The first year that I didn't celebrate Halloween with the gang,
had followed the boyfriend to work instead
and yes, the ghosts were managed by him through out the event

Genting separated the outdoor theme park into few zones
There are horror circus, Chinese creepy village and also haunted hospital

Didn't take much photos of the venue because it's too cold out there........
I rather be the 'jaga', who take care of the crew's belonging :P

To see more scary photos, you guys can view from

Before I say goodbye
Would like to share more photos of the beautiful ghosts :)

The doctor & nurse zombiessssss

The chinese paper doll......with Rebena??? -.-

Last but not least,
a video of them dancing Oppa Gangnam Style (Click me)

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