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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hennessy Artistry 2012

Back to party again after so long
Not really looking forward to party anymore, synthome of aging?

Anyway, it's a great night with the gang
I wouldn't be there without them :) 
(how sweet lol.)

Look of the night
(Babyhair, can't u be invisible?)

Hennessy don't allow their guests to drive to the venue this time so we planned to take cab
but we can't get any cab til 10pm -.-
after so long, I almost quarrel with the stuff from Public Cab again
Their service is really......sux
The way they talked to me as if I owe them a lot of money

When I reached the place, I thought we are late
but I was wrong lol.
Malaysian timing, as usual
The party started late

not black but red 

Starts with the love :)

Then my favourite bitches

The hunks hahahaha


The performance is quite boring at first
But I really love Havana Brown!!!!
She is so hawt
I forgot to take any photo of her because am too concentrate on her performance T.T


eh, photo boom?

Ends with love :)

That's all for Hennessy Artistry