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Thursday, November 8, 2012

David Guetta

The first rave of mine.

Unlike my friends, am not a rave person because 
firstly, I don't drink beer ; 
secondly, I don't like to squeeze with sweaty people ; 
and lastly, I hate drunkards who always step on my feet!

Why would I spend money to go to this rave then? 
Just because of David Guetta lol.

Kinkipooo & me

Sweety Kayleen & evil Marcus

Jenvine, Jijai evelyn, kinkipoo & me

To avoid the massive jam, one of our friends booked a shuttle bus to Sepang
It's great! We actually had fun in the bus while jamming to the place

As you all know, 
the drinks there is gonna cost you a boom so the gang had came out with a brilliant idea! haha
We've been drinking in the bus before we reach the venue, 
just to make sure we are high enough to party right away

A quick boost before David Guetta's

The happening crowd! 
Spot the shining stars? That's us!

The effect of the LED screen is freaking awesome
Here's the proof, enjoy!

And here are some of the photos

If you haven't been to any rave before,
the upcoming Swedish House Mafia's rave party would be a good choice for you!