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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

my make up on Spring - Summer 2011

Hello all of you~
supposed to upload a new video
but my camera doesn't like me, it out of battery suddenly when am recording my new video yesterday -.-
so yea, I have to re-do the video
stay tuned peeps

Today, am going to share with you guys what's the make up trend for Spring-Summer 2011
You should have:
*Fresh and Clean complexion
*Light foundation which contains high SPF
*Minimal eyes make up
(p/s: ofcause you can apply eyeshadow too if you want, but only light colours. Grey colour will be the best) 
*Outstanding blushes with nude lips / *Outstanding juicy lips with light blushes
(p/s: choose only either one of them.)

some samples from the net

and here's some of mine

 *Light foundation with Eyeliner and Mascara*

 *Light foundation with Eyeliner, Mascara and abit of Eyeshadow*

*Light foundation with Eyeliner, Mascara and Pink Blushes*

 *Light foundation with ONLY Mascara*

That's all for today,
hope you guys like it :)