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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Farewell with my sister

Happy birthday to Yee Aun again :)
attended his birthday celebration last night at Phuture
bumped to a lot of friends there, had fun but something happened
which I don't feel like mention anything about it
and I forgot to take any pictures!!! too busy over there, lol

Okay, back to the topic
My sister went to Taiwan for her further study
so I brought her to eat many nice meals as a farewell for her :D

*me of the day*

first of all, Dragon-i as our brunch
Dragon-i Shang Hai Xiao Long Bao FTW~

and we saw something disgusting beside us
there was a girl who took off her shoes inside the restaurant! oh please! ewww

we actually intended to try ChaTime when we were at Pavillion,
but MilkTea is the most fattening drinks ever in the world,
so yea...I will try next time if I find out they have something not that fattening yet nice
any recommendation? :)

After shopping at Pavillion, we head to Skewers at subang avenue
I have to say that am really a good shopping partner, that was the 1st time my sis bought so many things during shopping session, muahahaha *proud*
back to Skewers :P
the food was nice, I think the grilled shrimp is nice, the grilled lamb is nice, the mash potatoes also not bad
AND!!! the dessert we ordered are awesome!
I can't remember their names, but it's something like deep fried choc-kaya XD
let the pictures do the talking then

 *take 1*

*take 2 and take 3 :D*

*look!! choc and kaya!! awesome*

Farewell sis! :)