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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A lesson

I've learned a lesson
sometime, you just don't know why you're feeling insecure
but this will never ever happen on me again, NO MORE!!

it's funny, I used to advice my friends not to think too much and do not over sensitive
but now I was the one who make the same mistake

I am good, I am pretty, I deserve to have the most special one which I already have :)
so yea, what for I have to worry so much for something that will never happen?

I just did a big mistake which is not easy to be forgiven
but I know, he will forgive me soon or later
Have faith on him just like how I had faith on him at the beginning
Should never make him down again and again as in he never make me down :)
I know I know, it's too late to apologize, so yea
I will proof it to you