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Sunday, October 17, 2010



Fyi, I straighten my hair like finally
Some said better some said worst, lol
what you think?

I just love it so much
easier to take care and my head doesn't look that big anymore :D

well, I attended to Yein jie's wedding dinner with my new hair
and you know what?
99% of my friends could not recognize me even I was standing infront of them,
I mean real life friends who really met me before
they were like stared at me for few seconds and said "you're..............?" -.-

so yea, if anyone of you saw me on street and you worry that you recognize the wrong person,
don't worry, there are 3 points (either one of them) for you to make sure that is ME
my ball-ball necklace, I wear it 24/7
my heels, red/black, I seldom change my heels unless they're spoiled
my bag, it's a Guess which my parents bought for me, I won't simply change it too
say Hi to me please, I won't bite (don't stalk me *shy*)

oh ya!! I wanna announce loud loud here!
Don't go "remember eat" (translate it to cantonese then you will know :D) to eat their dessert d! 
Coz they bully me, sobs
Expensive and not much options and BAD service! cis

Snowflakes is much more better~
Healthy and economic!
aww...craving for it again, slurp

Went to chill chill with the boyfie and his gang at Changkat last night

damn alot of people!! alot of hot chicks and alot of ah gua too, haha
get home at around 3am, what a good night :) 
I should have this kind of chilling session more often 
or else I will get crazy due to all the stress which I duno where they come from, seriously lol

p/s: SASA is having promotion now!! make up bag + make up pouch is only rm16.80 now!! 

Okay, I think that's all for now :)
sigh, I feel so tired most of the time with no reason
mentally but not physically :( this is the BEST part, fml

*my happy pill*