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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I found YOU

Let's have a kit-kat, and take a break :D
*yea yea yea, I know it's fattening but don't care la, stomachache is killing me -.-*

... ... never write an essay or a proper english sentence for too long already
my brain can't function well everytime when I try to tell a story
even now, am writing a broken english, sobs
oh my A's english, please come back! :(
I should start reading now before it's too late, my college life is coming soon
Just another 3 months to go, pray bersungguh-sunguh that my dad is able to afford my study fees next year *finger cross*

back to life,
and people who always follow my blog will know that I don't use to share my love life over here
so basically, I don't have much things to update since I spend most of my free time with him besides working
don't complain please, am trying hard to find something useful to share, I really do :)

but for today, I try to be nice to all my readers
Am going to blog about my love this time, exciting???
nah, just a little bit, don't get too high yet, LOL

once upon a time, we were a complete stranger to each other
Fate brought us together
but actually what he has done for me is the biggest reason why we'll get in love so much like now
Unpleasant things is normal among couples, we argued,
however we learn something new and understand each other more and more from the mistakes. :)
besides, I always remind myself that the same mistake only allow to happen once but not twice and so on
oh well, he is very strict to me sometime but I know he spoils me with his own way
no one is perfect but he is so amazing for me :)
From the incident which happened 2 days ago, 
I just realize what is the exact feeling of "I found you" for the first time

you won't know how it feels until you met the right one and fully trust on him

(my favourite make up currently-only eyeliner)