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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eat and Run

Hola peeps!!
I make myself to blog as much as possible before all my readers run away from me
so peeps, don't leave me!! 
and I am thinking...should I put back the chatbox?
I deleted it cause I was so lazy to reply one by one sometime so I prefer you peeps to leave me a comment rather than write something on the chatbox
what you think? tell me :)

why I named myself as "Princess Cinderella"?
come on, am not princess wanna-be lah pls 
*although I did behave like a princess sometime LMAO*
okay, back to the topic
when I was still a naive little girl *blush*
I lived like Cinderella
I was locked in the house, besides school and tuition center, I can't go anywhere else
as in, I was prohibited to go out with friends, even girls
sometime if my dad was in a good mood, I may manage to attend my girls' birthday celebration 
and I must get home before 10pm.
I used to live like that for 17 years, unbelievable? :D
but... ....I get a new life on my sweet 18, hooray~~
but still, I must get home before 12am and I was not allowed to hang out with guys alone
that's why I get the name "Princess Cinderella" lol
and for now, I am a big big girl d
so no more princess' life for me :D

by the way, I just did a photoshoot last week.
I put alot of afford to pose and cause of that, I can't stand/sit straight now
My backbone is hurt, ouch
and I think most of the mua a.k.a make up artist not really know how to put on the make up that suits my eyes
they just made my eyes look weird and short -.-
no doubt, their skills is awesome but just does not look good on me :(
anyway, am waiting for the pictures still, hope the pictures will look nice *pray hard*
besides, thanks to the boyfie who sayang me so much :) 
I know the sun was super big out there that day, xoxo

hmm, I think that's all for this post
here's few camwhore pictures of mine :D

 * I want a spec like this~ sponsor anyone? :D*

 *look!! my eyes look damn weird and short right? lol*

*straight hair, nice on me? :) anyway, edi decided to go for rebonding, weee~*

craving for snowflakes! aww