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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


p/s: This will be long, you can skip all the black words and just read the red one :)

Yar Long : hi
Me          : hi
Yar Long : how are u ?
Me          : i m good
                 how bout u ?
                 just abit bored here
Yar Long : me too
                 i had nth to do
                 jus reach home from shopping
                 where u come from ?
Me          : KL
Yar Long : woow
Me          : so bought anything ?
Yar Long : far from me
Me          : how far ?
Yar Long : eat much than buy
                 erm.. 2xxsomething km^^
Me          : ipoh i guess ?
                 btw your grammar really need to improve
Yar Long : yap
                i knw
                i jus use shortcut key
                i lazy to type
Me          : is not bout shortcut keys
Yar Long : sorry about that hope u can understand it
Me          : is the words u r using is totally wrong
Yar Long : yap
Me          : i tot i was talking to some primary student
Yar Long : i knw
Me          : anyway
Yar Long : ^^ huh?
                 kumiko ?
Me          : yeah ?
Yar Long : i jus view ur profile
                 pretty !!!
Me          : thx for the compliment
                 but i wonder
                 why u add me when u don't even know me ?
Yar Long : erm... about this u dun ask me better
                 i also dun knw
Me          : er.....okay
                 so u working or ?
Yar Long : yap
                 im worked, u ?
Me          : what you work as ?
                 and is suppose to be working not worked
Yar Long : set-up machine
Me          : mean past tense ?
Yar Long : im from penang
                 penang guy almost like that
Me          : peneng is 400km away dear marcus
Yar Long : hey pretty
                 we are not in class ok
*he get pissed 30%*
Me          : hey dear marcus
                  if you want to chat
                  at least i have to understand what you talking about
Yar Long : by the way talk with u i learn more
                for u
                not me
Me          : okay, very well then
                 i know peneng ppl speaking hokkien most of the time
Yar Long : yap  in island mostly hokkien rang
                 sept will on uk continue my degree
Me          : icic, brb
Yar Long : haiz
                 can i hv ur hp no?
                 any1 here
Yar Long : hey pretty when u free call me teach me ur pro english
Me          : i was away for dinner
                 and u ask me to call u ?
                 to teach u english ? lol
                 are you going to pay for the tuition fee ?
Yar Long : yap how much a week ?
                 jus correct my gramma
                 i was imprve my english in british council ...
Me          : y don't u just get a tuition teach at peneng
Yar Long : but same
                 used hokkien more den english
Me          : save all the trouble
Yar Long : u speak english with apek u will get $##############@$@#$%#@%@$
                 coz i can listen ur vvoice
                 ur sweety face i think ur voice should be sweety oso what ?
Me          : i have a feeling u gonna masturbate while talking to me
                 u sounds so much like a pervert
Yar Long : walao er == said me like that
                 sorry ...
Me          : is true, the way u r saying sounds that too
Yar Long : i nvr ever masterbate while i talkin or typing
                 i knw self control
                 my god u otally break my heart
                 hey gal im not born in city so my attitude not so suck kk ?
*what's wrong with the people who was born in city? LOL*
Yar Long : oways?
                 do u play msn ? hellow
Me          : yeah was away
                 but i dun trust u leh, how ?
Yar Long : that is ur problem, i also cant proved it
Me          : so if u want to be friend with me
                 that will become your problem as well cause u are the one who giving me the feeling
                 understand ?
Yar Long : woow? im not that terrible uncle ok ?
                 if i wan i nid i wont do it myself
Me          : wow interesting
                 so who u do with then ??
Yar Long : that's cool rite ?
                 erm..dun knw, secrect
                 this is unpredictable
                 sometimes nid luck, sometimes is fate
                 i knw u hv bf
Me          : why does it related to my bf ?
                 he is not BI, wont be interested on that
Yar Long : so who is that ? do u hv msn ?
Me          : i do, and ?
Yar Long : okok im pure men
                 u loooks like vry bz
                 do u tell me u are making XXXX
*what the hell is XXXX???*
Me          : u r a jerk
                 get lost u pervert
Yar Long : ==
Me          : i m just getting ready to go out
                 u r disgusting
Yar Long : discusting ?
                 im not food
                 go ahead good luck, take care
                 lolx am i crusing u ?
                 hey dun go out ..come and crap with me
                 im boring
*away, no reply*
Yar Long : where u wet tonight >?
                 wei dun go^^
*still away*
Yar Long : hey pretty !!! i also get places to go ... no nid ur accompany and im not the disdusting person
                 ok ?
                 take care !!!!
                 good night and shut ur fucking mouth im not so suck !!!!!better den u city girl
                  fuck off

well, actually all the above was replied by the boyfie, LOL!!!
we were just too boring, actually we are kind :P
and it's interesting to be mean, especially with this kind of stranger 
see, ended up he get pissed and scolded me because I don't give him my msn/hp number and don't wanna stay to crab with him, LOL
must be something wrong with him
what is wrong with city person man? 
yea, I agree that SOME city person might be realistic, pride or having attitude problem or whatever
but city person still a human what -.-
and FYI, I COME FROM TAIPING which is a small village
not the city girl like what you said you moron
yea, I think it's not necessary to conceal your name, blah
and you're wrong, you can prove me what kind of person you are actually
you PROVED me that you are not pure and abnormal
anyway, thanks for your entertained Yar Long :D