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Saturday, July 31, 2010

'please enter a title'

Well, I really don't know what title to put
so, yea, leave it blank LOL

Went out with the love one on last Monday as usual
Finally!! We ate PizzaHut, with his cantik cousins too :D the deli wings

Supposed to have a dinner with Roro
but delay and delay then canceled coz she had to watch movie with her daddy king
actually it's my bad and thanks to the traffic jam, tsk tsk tsk
nevermind la, Roro will be back to Msia after few months again :) Can't wait for it

oh ya, have changed my hair style, take a look

make up of the day
eyelashes - Dolly wing

and outfit of the day
tops - Kitschen
bottom - Forever21

Found a 'cute' picture, LOL

*pure face without anything*
Look at my lashes, little, poor thing
Think to do lashes implantation, but most of my friends said it's not worth it
then...lashes extension mascara will be a good choice right? :) hmmm

Kinda fun to read back all the old 'messages' :P