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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Had been so close

I am back to blog
My blog seems dead lately, boo -.-
okay, back to life

Attended Babe YinLing's birthday party at her house :)
She looks happy but something was bothering her
so we brought her to Sunway Giza to have some drinks
thanks God that she laughed so hard for all the lame jokes from Eugigi :P

as a best friend, we just do what we think it's right
as a so called boyfriend, you should do whatever that can make her happy
All the best to you BabeLing, xoxo

after daddy came back from China, 
we went to Genting for our company trip :)
first we had our lunch at Gotong Jaya,
then we got into the theme park and we almost play everything, lol
it's fun coz we screamed like nobody's business
and then, we had our dinner at a buffet restaurant which I can't remember the name -.-
the food is awesome and I ate non-stop for around 7 rounds, crazy :D
thanks to the nice food, I gained weight, tsk :(
er...what else huh.... am really not a good story teller, so just let the pictures do the talking la ya :P

 * camwhore in the hotel room *

 * theme park*

 * Believe it or not *

 * the night scene from our room *

 * buffet *

Done!! :)

oh well, my latest Fb status is kinda emo 
nothing much, am just get bored with my current life style
but what to do? that's my responsibility
I love you Daddy

I want to start college asap, pls pls
am feeling insecure again, oh god, I hate this