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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A great Monday

:) No more monday bluessss for me
I love Monday!!
Oh well, people out there must be thinking 
"what's wrong with this girl?? Everyone hate Monday! Madness!"
Let me be please~ Am working 24/7 except Monday, that's why :)

What have I done on last monday....
Eat and eat and eat and eat ONLY *awww, fattening!! LOL*

Snowflakes with my lovely girls for my breakfast :)
I told CherylBerry that I never been Snowflakes before, she was like "how can??? jom, I bring you!"

Cy: "daphne!! you have to hold the UFO!!"
me: "huh?? why?? *gan-jeong*"
Cy: "or else it wont function!!"
me: " -.- don't bluff, ishh"

waiting waiting waiting, after a 'long' wait
*actually it only take around 10 minutes :D *

 red bean-green tea with soya ice~ ordered by CherylBerry and EvvonBaby
taste good, I like the soya ice :)

 Best-seller!!! It's mine, share with boyf :) and Cy, JoandeeBaby ordered the same one
Slup!! I love it coz I don't like sweet stuff. It's a good choice during summer days :)

I like the sweet potato~ Yum yum... 
*left-credit to me, right-credit to boyf* 
hmm...his skill is much more better than mine :P

After the breakfast, said Byebye to my girls as in they have to go back and study for their finals again
Fight fight fight, xoxo :)
Can't wait for the next eating session!!
Boyf seems mix well with them, I am so happy, teehee

Then I asked boyf to bring me to pavilion for shopping
Had been stopped shopping for a long time!!
I was upset every morning coz I found that I have no clothes to wear anymore
I was wearing the same dree, same pants everyday
so, I must shopping more often :P I love sales!!

Before we reach Pavi, boyf brought me to eat "Pork-ball noodles" *non-halal* :P

 boyf :)

 *eh, paparazi?**don't snap me!!*

 Taken by me - failed

 By me again and failed again :(

 Taken by boyf :D looks yummy

again, by him :) 
my blog is gonna turn to be a food-blog soon -.- LOL

Oh well, my boyf complaint the way I dress up myself
He said it's too young for him, he wants a mature me -.-

When I was 15-17, I liked to act mature so I dressed up like 25
When I was 18, I like to dress like my age which is around 17-19
I wanna try to be young, to be cute :P 
Try to imagine I put on a big ribbon on my head when I am 25++, think about it
Ewwww!! right? -.-
that's why, I don't wanna waste my youth time :P

Bang, at least I can confirm!! I am mature enough for you, 
not by the look, but deep inside my heart :)

okay, back to the topic
I brought 1 dress, 1 skirt and a pair of heels at FOREVER 21
Expensive sial!! but I love them :) 
Oh ya, I have to change my blog song tonight, insists!! -.-
Thanks to FORVER21 and CottonOn and some other random shops, they kept repeating my favourite song - What're you waiting for
and made me feel annoying with that song now :( how sad

after the the shopping session, it's tea time!!! :D
eat again, duh... I am gaining weight, FML

 I can't really remember the name, but it's beside GSC. :) 
try it out if you like something creamy.

Guess what we had for our dinner? :P
It's KFC!!
Okay, nothing special actually, hah

That's my Monday :)
It's Tuesday now, blue blue again
Back to work, ciaoz

*fairy tale*