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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A small excitement during my boring days

Went for a modeling job at Genting 
I love to work together with all the girls and boys!!
fyi, I don't like to do office work
I prefer something like PR, event-planning and modeling
I just love that so much :D
But what am I doing now? --- Graphic designer, LOL
No choice, I have to help my daddy first :)

Here you go some pictures of the show that day

-- in the bus -- my outfit for the show, "call me belly belly~~" --

-- my babe. Grace--another hot chick, Boe--

 -- ah Jane!! -- babe babe Ning Sye -- 

 -- Toto!!! 1st met v her -- Yuki, the beach girl -- 

 -- kei kei~~ --

 -- say Hi~ -- Dexter!! --

 -- the super tall guy, ah Jeng -- The shy guy --

 -- non-stop talking geh zai -- he was drunk looo, hah --

I enjoyed a lot that day!! super happy :)
Hope to work with you guys again 

Am going to Mid-valley for the VelocityAngel's Search this coming Sunday after my Kursus
Go there to support babe Renee and support Arthur and 
I can't wait to see Brigette Liberty, the host of the show :)
She is just soooo pretty for me, woot woot
Wanna know more about her? Click here Brigette Liberty
Who's going as well?
Don't forget to say Hi with me if you see me over there ya, don't be shy, LOL
---Velocity Angel's Search---
---14th to 16th of May 2010---
--- Mid-valley Exhibition Hall---
see you guys there~

*tik tok at 12*