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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Well, I can't skip this, I know
I have to face it one day
Was thinking and struggling for so long, blog it or not?
I don't like to blog about these thingy but I have no choice, I don't know how to talk to you guys anymore
so I choose to make it clear now
I just hope that we won't have any hard feeling about this anymore :(

YES or NO?
It's no longer an answer, it's an option
This is the hardest thing for me
It was like.. ... "come Daphne!! choose now!! chop off your right hand or your left hand?"
Now you know how hard is it?

I admit that I skipped, I ran away
I blocked you and you in msn, sometime I unblocked two of you and I rather not to online
I just can't take it
I don't have the courage to speak out the YES or NO :(

You said I dumped you
Oh please, you're the only one who don't know how much I care for you
ya, it's true. I gave up on our friendship
but did you know why? did you REALLY know?
All the way from the first day that the INCIDENT happened
you never believe on me, never
YOU, yourself know what you've done, I don't wanna mention
you thought you're the only one who always get hurt, who always getting sad?
you said best friend is all about trusting each other
I never suspect on you no matter what you did, behind me or infront of me
I keep telling myself "she is not that kind of person, trust her, trust our friendship"
even tho there is so many evidences
hey girl, am not an idiot.
but why I kept quite and treated you with my whole heart? because I TRUST YOU
until that day I revealed the truth, I just know I cannot lie to myself anymore, please accept it.
I was like a person who choked my own eyes with my own hands
I see through it but I chose to ignore and trust on you, how silly
I cried and cried. I cried in the car, cried on my bed until I fell asleep, cried when I log in my facebook
Dear, you know what? I understand why you're putting a wall between us to protect yourself, I really do!!
But you can't deny that I treat you with my whole heart and you cannot say that all the things I did for you is fake.
It's hurtful, it made me gave up on our friendship, it made me choose to lie
What can I do? I cannot let you know I knew that
You told the girl who was willing to give up the men she loves for you that 
"I wish I don't know you at the 1st place"
She'd done everything to make you feel secure, as in she flirt around until all the people thought she is a bitch

I never meant to hurt or ruin anyone
but you all ruin me, well done girls :)
if you all really care about my feeling, you and you won't did those thing to me
if you all really sayang me so much, you and you won't interrogated me like I am a criminal

who is your true friends, feel it but not using your eyes to see ONLY
sometimes, what you see and what you heard aren't true
this is the lesson that I learned from this case
I have no one to talk to, how sad :(
It's hurt when you loose all your close friends, so I chose to cover all the things
To YOU, remember, the people around you will treat you like how you treat them
when you're saying people take you for granted, think nicely, are you taking people for granted TOO?
To YOU, I shut up and I leaved. You should know what I mean, 
I hope I did something right this time, in a way.





Could you guys do me a favor?
End this, end everything
This is just a small part in your life, no point to ruin people's life just because of this
YOU told me, everyone deserve a second chance but actually you are not giving people any chance
I kept quite does not mean that I wanna cover the lies or whatever,
I kept quite is because I wanna give them a SECOND CHANCE

做到今天这种地步,所有人都把我们定罪了,认为我们还有second chance吗?

I'm enough with all of this
hope YOU could understand why am doing this :) will you? 

I trusted the wrong person and I am sorry for all these
I love YOU and YOU, take care :)
I never blame on anyone


坚持携带着过去、未来与现在同行,你的人 生当然只有一片拖泥带水。



I can be recovered very fast does not mean that I have no feeling and I did not get hurt,
just I only remember the good things and I trow the bad things aside.
This is me, if you think you can not agree with what I've said.
just leave me alone then, not a big matter :)

*tik tok at 12*