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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The woohooooo night with my loves

Well, I think I am the most outdated one for this post
you can see the similar post over Evvon the princess's blog and Berryberry's blog
But still, I have to do this post
or else, someone gonna emo me LOL

It was a friday night, which is the night for the good girl goes bad, the good girl is me la ofcoz tsk tsk tsk
FYI, am not a clubber!! Definitely NOT!! -.-
I went club for few times, like only 4 times
That was the most crazy night for me, I don't know why I can be such crazy *shake head*
My babes were like so surprised and told me
"wahh..last night u ahhh...terrible la!!"
"u are a bad drinker girl"
"woohhooo, u seem enjoy last night"
Alahhhh, blame the alcohol :P and thanks to Jialoong and Terence, hmmp!!
And I found that I am very very super demanded for dancing after I get tipsy, so yea
I dance non-stop for 3 hours? OMG
and I kept yelling "woohooo", WTF
well, alot of dramas happened behind =X 
anyway, it was a fanta~stic night for all of us :)

 My lovesEvvon, berryberry and joandeedee~

The new friend I knew that night :) Katrina

Eugene :D my body guard, according to him

 My daddy :) evvon the princess, xoxo

 CY and evvon :) nice to meet you, CY

 I love this picure!!! awww, look, how sexy was my Joandeedee baby~

the hot chicks and handsome guy..hah, chiachern at the back :)

Oh ya, I met Joey babe and April
I yelled at April when I saw her!!! she was like "eh, why you're here?"
see, my friends will know am not a regular clubber LOL
and Joey babe yelled at me!!
hah, happy to see her over there, waiting for our pic from her cammie :) xoxo

I really love all my babes sooo much, they are soo sweet especially Joandeedee and Evvon :)
That's too sad that Joandeedee have to ciaoz earlier :(
but she sms-ed when am on the way home, asked me to be careful those all, awwwwww...:)
And evvon too, I smiled when I get your msg, tee heee
even berryberry never text me!! I still love her lahh k!! hah, I kissed her for so many times :P

Last but not least, thanks for Eugene who fetch me home :)

Actually I did emo for a while that night, hah
why am I being emo? hmmm...
I duno, or maybe I know, I just don't feel like telling
it's ok, I had a great night after all :)

*tik tok at 12*