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Friday, April 30, 2010

I smiled :)

Friendship or ex-relationship?
your best friend couple with your ex-bf means she betrayed you?
your best friend talk with your ex-bf so you suspect that they got jalan then ignore her
hello?? did you know what is meant by EX-BF?
it's already a past tense, I don't understand why
it's that the way you treat your best friend?
whatever, I won't give a damn to a friend who's not care about me
so yea, babe, just let them be
you did nothing wrong :)

Am recalling something now
something that is sweet to me :)

my mind is blank, like suddenly
thanks to Evvon lah!! kacau kacau pulak
I don't know what to write anymore
well, i just stop here then

*tik tok at 12*