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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet with my babe Miannie

It was Sunday
I had a shooting in the morning *yawn*
Had a great time with Lee, the photographer
Being their studio, Moristee studio's in-house model :)
Am still waiting for the pictures, awwwww, can't wait for it~
how how?
Nice onot? :P

after the shooting, I headed to Kepong to meet with Elton and Mian Mian babe!
Mian Mian brought her "sister", Nana along
She is soooo cute!! 
But seriously, she is overweight haha
Mian babe, should bring her to exercise more often

look!! how cute is her!! awww~~ I love her chubby body!! :D

*tik tok at 12*