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Friday, November 27, 2009

Wanna make some difference

Whoever have my FB account
You might notice my old status which stated that I want to enhance my blog right?
So yea, here I am
And I try to make something different with my previous posts
Check it out yo~

First of all
I need your help, people!!!
Please vote for my Valerie babe~
She is hot!! Heeee :D

hey, I am here to finish my post
I am not in a good mood
Kinda sad
But still, I have to finish my post as I already promise

Damn it!! I really don't know where to continue
Feel like wanna blog about last sunday makes me recall SOMETHING that I don't wanna to think anymore
Just share some pictures here

my outfit for that day

Same as usual, I met my Angelyne dear last sunday.
She was going to Melacca for her modeling thingy.
So we just met for a while.
After that I met Elton a.k.a my VIP photographer.
Already one month didn't meet with him.
All the best to his eye :)
Then I walked around in Sunway Pyramid alone and waiting for........
OKAY, that's all for that day.

I love to read Cheesie's blog lately
Check it out

And I've learned some new Photoshop skill
it's fun, and I tried to use it for Kelvin a.k.a Mr katoon's battle-ground banner
Not bad! but still a lot to improve
Seriously, That was my first time to use photoshop to do design thingy LOL
Here you go the picture, how? nice? C&C pls..:)
Why I am being so emo??
Nothing much
I really don't know what to do this time
Suffer, suffer and suffer
waiting, waiting and waiting
thinking, thinking and thinking
emo, emo and emo

Finally, dear, you've waited what you wanted me to tell

she suffers, he suffers, me as well..
never get better
what for?
so...I've make my decision
I am not gonna tell
I know both of you have decided something as well
so, yea
I am waiting YOU to tell
No matter what, just take YOUR time, but pls make it clear

Dear, we promise right?
we have to respect the decision from each other
(Aiks...what to "dai sai' one...have to listen to you lo)

and YOU too....
BOTH of you are playing an important role in my life

no matter how Cinderella gonna pretend to be a princess,
After 12 o'clock
she is still Cinderella
at the end, thing is back to the beginning
the only difference is that Cinderella has waited her Prince and happy ending
how about me?
Sorry to say that I do not believe in Fairy Tale

Thanks Mummy...
I know what to do d :)