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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Delayed post

Let's talk about what've I done for last sunday
Know what?
Sunday is Daphne's day
Yea~ My day
My dear, Angelyne must reserve her Sunday for me *teehee~

Well, We went Seoul Garden@1U last sunday
Me, Angelyne dear and my nickman mummy
Weee..happy family~
Feel like one person is left behind right?
yea, It's AD
It's too bad that he can't join us for the yummy steamboat
But he seem enjoy a lot at Ipoh :D

We gossip a lot!!
Gossip like 9898758587656 times! *copyrighted by Angelyne*
-wait!! I am cooking spaghetti now, BRB-

ok..I am back...
steam the spaghetti for a while

oh ya...we gossip a lot
3 Gossip Girls :P
You know what???
Angelyne dear was insane
She ate TWO BOWLs of ice kacang ==
She ate alot la that day
I think is becoz she was too happy that she could meet me!! muahahhaha
but she puke at last *WTH
sigh...let her jek la
She happy can d
I think I ate most that day
I love beef!!!!! woahhhh
I was full like 98797654876 times *copyrighted by angelyne again*
I can't even move after the steamboat
Just feel like sitting there *LOL

After steamboat
We went for high tea (wth...high tea at evening??? ya...who cares..LOL)
ofcause!! we continue gossip
then we did shop a bit la
Finally I get the cheaper latex legging *woohooo
Happy!! yeah, me and angelyne dear have the same legging
know what??? I wear XS for the legging and she wear S!!!
WTHHH..was my 1st time to try on XS size for bottom
I love Cotton On...muahhaha spaghetti!!!-

OMG!!! My spaghetttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
become black noodle d...== swt
okay okay..I admit!! I cant cook
I am not a good cooker la
But I can be a good wife...muhahahhaha
Don't worry :P
Okay! Have to settle my black noodle 1st..BRB again have no idea with my spaghetti
so....I tried my best d!!! RIP my black noodle LOL
I don't care!! someone is gonna finish it :P
My 2nd try on spaghetti, better then the 1st time lo :)

back to my topic...
oh that's all for my "family" day :)
I love my Angelyne dear and my mummy *hugzzzz 99
and specially thx to my son-minton, he fetch me for casting that day :)

casting for what?
nah~~ Don't be so kepo...muahhaahah

AND I have to mention here again
Fyi, I work as FULL TIME graphic designer, not freelance
and Why I can be a GD at such a young age??
Because my dad and my dad's wife are GD as well
My dad do have an Advertising company
That's it?
I work for my dad doesn't mean that I am not PRO and don't know anything k?
I know to use Illustrator and all Adobe software which same with what you all study at college
I only work as freelance model...don't mistaken again ya

My spaghetti failed again..........................

8am d
gonna dress up myself and get off to Pyramid
meet my Angelyne dear and AD