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Monday, August 17, 2009


Went KLPF with gor today
not as clouded as PC fair
But lots people too
Against swine flu**mask-ing all the way :D

Met Devil over there LOL
He is funny weyyy
"Cheki" with him as well

Next, went Shabu-shabu at Puchong with Lucas, Jerry and their friends LOL
Damn full lahhh
It's quite a long time I never eat so full for my dinner

**My schedule on Sunday is always full, coz I don't wanna waste my only off-day :D it's tiring but I'm happy with it~

What is friendship?
Don't challenge my patience
I'm good enough to you all the time
Just pissed off by somebodieS
I'm okay now*chill

Nothing much to blog about lately
Need a rest
Good night people

*daphne-the dark side"
get INFECTED: 70%