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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dreamy World ---> Cheki

Went Sunway today
*special thanks to Lucas :)
And met Gorgor
Finally!! I got my Cheki
Happy Birthday to Cheki~
OMG~~~! I love it :D
It's just so cute

*ignore my face again...LOL...taken before shower...messy hair and fugly face :D

Then gorgor fetch me to Cineleisure *thanks gor~
Met Mon-mon and Shook Yee there
It's too bad I did not take picture with them AGAIN *sobs
Girls, I want take picture with two of you next time~ Must! :)

Nothing to do
I sat at my dad's another outlet-Gamer's Hideout and FB ing there
Wait for my daddy to fetch me home
They had dinner at Sakae

Hmm..nothing much to post today
Just wanna show off my Cheki *LOL
Babes, don't jealous ya *I so bad XD
Wanna get one? Place your order ya

*daphne-the bright side*
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