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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All in ONE

Wow~ never think that many people were interested on CHEKI
Due to that, I'm going to post links about it here
"hello kitty cheki mini25"
"cheki mini7s"
"cheki mini25(normal version)"

Check it out ya~
Leave your message to me if you're interested on it
I will reply you as soon as possible
Curious about the quality of the picture/film?
here you go, have a look on the picture
The quality is nice, no worries
Support Cheki~~~ yeah

Had a lunch with my babe girls yesterday
Really miss them much much
Hearts you all my girlsAnd just chat with my felicia babe on MSN
my babe, don't worry
you're not useless at all

Our life is fulled of challenges and judgments
How to get through it? it's depends to yourself
Face it, solve it! otherwise you'll never achieve what are you seeking for
A people who don't know themselves well might be easier to lost in their life
Look deep into your heart
What you really want? and are you going to sacrifice everything for achieving it?
Question yourself, find out the answer in your mind

Gor, no matter what you decide to do
support you all the way for sure
be happy~