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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


*me and my buddy, Haward

I went Mid Valley yesterday
Bought a new cheek brush *the face shop
I love it so much Pinkish pinkish
Then I had my dinner at Steven TeaGarden
the "grill cheese chickenchop" is damn nice *yum yum
after that, one of my buddies, Haward fetched me home
Haward said me look like a japanese :D
Many peoples told me that I look scary and lan c if I din't smile *sigh
but not bad what, coz many peoples said pretty=lan c LOL
A net friend recognized me at Mid Valley
But he din't come over to say HI with me, he told me when i get home on MSN
His first reaction is that "tall" *erm...I know I am tall :D
I'm 168cm plus my high heels, it becomes 175cm
Now I know why many people are looking at me everytime
Coz I look like a giant and huge :D

I hate people scold me with those sux rude words
Especially the rude words in cantonese or hokkien or chinese
I know many rude words, but i never use it
If you are joking, it's okay
I still can accept
But not in a way with scolding
It will piss me off and I won't generous to you
So, if you are a person who like to scold rude words
Please kindly keep it when you're chatting with me

otherwise I won't feel wanna chat with you anymore

people, please try to keep quite when you're not in mood
Coz you might say something mad and hurt
once you start it, the wound is already there
It's not matter how much you appologies

So think wisely before speaking
It's 5am now
Just woke up

wish everyone have a nice day

*daphne-the dark side*
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