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Monday, July 6, 2009


I used to be rest at home or hang out with buddies
But I worked this Sunday
Kinda tired
Please not for next Sunday

Bloggies who has linked my blog
I'm not going to link any blog on mine
I will just follow those blogger who I know
And for those who has no "follower" this function on their blog,
I won't forget to visit also
No worries

Why I put "facebook" as my tittle?
Just coz of that I met many weird peoples there

Like today,there was a guy who named
Hong Sxx Jxx
Asked me some weird question *swt
About those underwear stuff
Really don't know what he's thinking about
Izzit fun to ask a girl those question?
Somemore we don't know each other
"What colour are you wearing now?"
Why should I answer him right?
sot plug!

To another facebook friend,
It's ok...What you did is Just a mistake
As long as you knew that you said something wrong
Then everything is fine

And one more thing
Please don't ask me to intro myself again lah
Already 100++ times
really get bored with that weh

My best ji mui a.k.a buddy a.k.a bibi called me
So happy
Long time din't hear his voice*lol
He is sweet with his girlfriend, Miao Miao now
Feel happy for him
Johnwin, Don't forget my bird-nest ya~

Mr Daryl surprised me
He sms me
"I saw you just!" *lol
I just stun and "huh???"
But finally I knew he is bluffing me
he din't saw me *swt
After that, He called me and said he was in starbuck
Well, I went there and met him
He was shocked to see me
I just wondering why *lol
And he shouted:"
You are so tall!!!" (OS:yea..i need shout so loud weh....)
Then we chit-chat for a while
he keep said that I was not look like what he expected
okay okay
I know I look older and uglier then my photos

Going to dye my hair again
any suggestion?

**daphne-the dark side**
get Infected:81% :(