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Saturday, September 24, 2011

little secret

Hello peeps!
How u guys doing?
My time is occupied most of the time, it's tiring but I love it :)
There are so many things to share with y'all but.....*guilty ing*

Anyway, am here to update my blog after so long

first of all, here's some pictures of me 

some was the jobs I've done in August, I know it's kinda outdated
do follow my instagram to know the latest news about me
ID: daphnekumiko
do it NOW!! lol

besides freelancing, I also attending events
no matter small one or big one
I love to meet new people, explore around as well
it's a good platform to build my network so that I could have more oppoturnity in future

now you guys know, being a model is not easy, not at all
we have to look good all the time
you might curious how I maintain my skin in a good condition and looks energetic always
since I sleep late and driving around under the big sun most of the time, right?

few tips for you girls :)

- Having good diet
- Do mask once/twice a week
- Detox once a month if possible
- Do full body massage twice a month or more, especially lymphatic massage
- Exercise as much as you can

last but not least....this is my little secret! InnerShine OPC!
 P/s: photos without make up :P

 What is so special about this InnserShine OPC?
OPC is made of alot of grape seed extract
OPC contains powerful antioxidants which is 20 times powerful than Vitamin C and 
50 times powerful than Vitamin E!!
It's awesome isn't it!!

 It taste great!
I drink them every morning before heading out, just grab and go
They keep me feeling fresh and healthy :P

 what are you waiting for?
check out Innershine OPC >>> Click me
and don't forget to like the facebook page for further information

have a nice day ahead guys :)