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Thursday, June 16, 2011

it's me, no one else

Ulcer makes my life misery :(

alright, finished complain about the ulcer, let's start blogging
just done few photoshooting last week, or last last week?
I can't remember 

Here's some of the pictures, more pictures can be found on my page << click it :P 

Will post more when I get another batch of photos, stay tuned.

Wonder why I seldom update lately?
Because am doing the similar things every day every week
so yea, nothing special to blog about
I think you guys would prefer quality more than quantity right? :P
anyway, my all-time-girl-friend, Roro is coming back to Malaysia!
I guess I will have alot of things to blog during that time :)

another photo session! this time is from my iphone a.k.a i-mai (yesh, SHE has a name) LOL

 with my babe sister :) Venn
hanging out at pavillion

camwhore abit during profile shooting

 taken this morning, lips super dry and looks super tired due to flu  :(  flu, go away please

I didn't realize I look so different between before & after diet actually until I saw this LOL

before VS after!! LOL

alright, that's all for this post
back to work :P