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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Oh yay!! Finally I get my free gift from :)

love it so much

They're selling alot of nice clothes and their service is good as well
Have a look --- IwearSIN

I think my diet plan goes well as in I ate alot of seafood and dessert on monday but I didn't gain weight :D
but that's not enough!! I want more!! Must achieve my target this time :)

and I met with my girls at snowflakes that day like finally!! weeee
snowflakes is yum, girls talk is ze best :)

Berry er er, we should hang out more before you start to work know? :D *1113*

It's raining out there... ... ...

By the way, I got a funny call at my shop today from a random girl, lol
*we talked in cantonese, but I translate them to english coz I know some of the peeps can't read chinese just like SimonSo :P *

her : "hello......" 
*with a very sexy voice, I think she is sick or what*
me : "hello, Storybook :)"
her : ".... ..... can you hear me? can you hear me?? hello hello??"
me : ".... ....ya, I can, storybook here, anything?" 
*stunned coz I already said hello but how come she thought I can't hear her*
her : " lei zi dou ngor hai bin goh mou? ( did you know who am I? )"
 *with a very hiao voice*
me : " ..... ..... sorry I don't......" 
*lagi stunned, what happened now??*
her : " lei gu har~~ ( you guess la~~ ) "
me : "........................................sorry, who are you looking for?" 
*perempuan ni memang ada masalah*
her : "..........." 

she hung up straight away without saying "wrong number or anything", no manners neh!!
......I really don't know what I can say, lmao
I already told her that here is storybook for twice or even more
but she just ignored me and continue syok sendiri -.- swt to the max

it's not a big deal but I just feel like sharing with you all, evil me hahahaha

How's your mooncake day?
mooncake is yummy right right? I love it too

but 1/4 of a mooncake contains 700kcal!!! *wink*