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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Present moment

Yay, as you can see
Finally I made a new header for my blog and
I added the FB LIKE button too, click it click it :D
Fyi (for the peeps who first came to visit my blog), 
I just love to change this change that in my blog when I am not in the good mood, weird habit

Feel so tired without any reason, sleepy... ... ....

Hmm...gonna do so many things on the coming Monday
The first task is to collect my stuffs at 2 different post office, troublesome enough but no choice :(
Soon or later, I will have alot alot of camwhore pictures teehee, stay tune
Besides meet with girls is , monday~~ can't wait can't wait

Anyway, our shop a.k.a Storybook is up on magaine again
It's NuYou this time

We customize wedding cards/ birthday cards/ valentine cards/ photobook :) 
so do contact me if you/your friends are looking for customade items ya

Last but not least, Happy Birthday to SIM!!! 
I never realize that I already know you guys for a year, time flies
Let's gather again~ I miss you guys
I won't forget how you guys surprised me on my Birthday, teehee

Mafia time, ciaoz