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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Previous life + transform

Hello peeps~
The boyfie is starting to busy with his company
so my previous life is coming back real soon, I guess? LOL
hang out with my girls, meet new buddy, window shopping, movies, modeling...etc
anyway, fully support the boyfie on his career :) 
*bang, fang xin qu pin ba*

back to life,
Met up my high school darling like after how many centuries, no idea -.-
Btw, am glad to know that she's fine with her life
When we were still in high school, she is the most blur one among us
she always out of topic, she always answer something which is not related at all LOL
All the best darling :) study hard, work hard and play hard, teehee
and we should meet up more often, right right?

*my darling- Pearle (single and available LOL)* 

*our lunch @ Delicious* 

Fyi, I already decided to study Advertising&GraphicDesign next year
*just in case you don't know, don't ask me this kind of question anymore ya*

and last but not least
Am going to diet again!! ya, it's like AGAIN -.- LOL
wish me luck peeps :)
and do share with me if you have any method that really works for slimming ya

Just wanna make this post longer
let's see my changes within 2009-2010
*don't laugh, I kill you LOL*

-2009 Feb-
OMG, look at my stupid hair style!! LMAO
jellyfish wanna be? :D

-2009 march-
Been forced to have a new hair cut -.-
and my super chubby face
now is still chubby, but last time is super chubby hah

-2009 April-
Dyed, curled, highlighted
and also the 1st experience in modeling

-2009 June-
The 1st makeup look

-2009 August-
fringe was getting long
right-with make up/left-without make up
still noob in makeup so look almost the same LOL

-2009 Sept-
not that chubby anymore and started to look mature HAH

-2009 oct-
scary??? LOL
center fringe :D

-2009 nov-
still center fringe but new colour :)

-2010 jan-
cute wanna be hahahahah

-2010 feb-
finally cut my fringe, by myself!!! :P

-2010 march-
bang bang bang!!
somebody said I look nicer with short fringe
hmm, wat u think?

- now-
my fringe is long again and i lazy to trim it everytime
so i decided to make my hair like this
nice onot nice onot? :P