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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Be honest to the love one

Just finished talk with one of my BFF
He told me the story about his relationship
That is so ridiculous man!!
Really speechless for the drama queen

No doubt, I am a drama queen too sometime but only to certain people
Oh please, don't be such a 2 face bitch to the love one
The truth will be revealed one day no matter how good you cover it
No one can be a smart lier, 
you can only be a lier who needs to create more and more lies just to cover a lie

Really don't understand why both of YOU can be that scary and funny
Pity my BFF, LOL
God bless you

Well, back to life
Finally I know how to drive and I drove my dad's car, yay!
Can't wait to drive out myself teehee
and my diet plan is going well I think
Another 3 weeks to go, all the best Daphne!! :)

xoxo the EBBB