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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Get my hair dyed

I dyed my hair, weeee
can't bear with my 2-colour tones' hair anymore, LOL

went to Bryan hair salon :)
Bryan really did a great job
Lovin it~

How is my new colour? :)
and did you notice my eyebrow?
it's in brown colour which is matching with my hair

after I get my hair done,
watched a movie with boyf
the A-team!!!
fuyoh, it's awesome!!!
it's a must-watch movie, check it out

okay!! I know all of you are having the football-fever now
check this out!!!

it's FIFA 2010's T-shirt!!
how can you miss it if you are a FIFA fans lah right?
faster place your order so that you can get it with a special price, only for RM25!!

*it's a prnt srcn shot from the WAKA-WAKA music video*

what are you waiting for?
don't miss it!! place your order now
visit evvon's blog for more information :)

I know I've neglected my blog, I will be back real soon
*fairy tale*