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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Friday night on Monday

Am back to blog about my life
ohwell, it's wednesday now
am late to blog about my offday which is on last monday
oh my blog, sorry for neglecting you -.-

it was a fully used offday again
I gotta feeling, my life is coming back :)

first of all, I *have to* say that am not a good organizer, ehem ehem

okay, it was the first offday that I slept until 10am
I use to go out before my parent wake up, LOL :P
so, bathe, doll up and waited for my brother-Elton to pick me up
I decided to pay him back his belated birthday meal since I have free time before my car driving class
we went to Marche@The Curve to have our breakfast
It might be abit pricey for some of you, but worth it
you guys should check it out!! 
I miss the beef sausage so so much, awwwwwwww *.*
here is the pictures :)

Marche *deco like a market* :)
The steak and.....beef sausage!!!! MUST try the sausage!!! super juicy and yummy!!
Steak-rm23.90 / Sausage-rm9.90
Rosti&cheese *it's the best seller* thumbs up!

The grilled mushroom and pasta *nice too!! slurp*
mushroom-rm9.90 / pasta-rm15.90
 Elton and me :)

that's all for the Marche session :)
ok, after that
jeng jeng jeng jeng
it's time for me to drive!! muahhahah
the uncle only know to speak English but when he found that I am a Hokkien-er,
we started to speak Hokkien LOL, funny :D
the uncle kept praising me, shy lah
well, you know, for a talented person like ME, easy case lah 
*okay, am just kidding, slap me if you want* :P
look forward for the next driving class, it's fun~

next, movie time!!
Prince of Persia
okay okay, I know I was super late for that
but who cares, right? :P
handsome and pretty, nice!
then, we rushed to KL as in we already late for the FIFA gathering
but luckily!! we are not the last one~
I don't know what is the place called but it's a nice place to chill with friends

 FIFA!! oh oh oh oh~ wave your flag!!
Portugal rocks the night!! weeee, Ronaldo is 

after the match of Protugal-PRK
we changed place for our 2nd round :D


look!! camwhore!! kena tangkap :P

Had a super great night with them, xoxo :)

Before heading to home,
we passed by the Pudu-jail
kinda happening, hah
RIP Pudu-Jail

okay, now
peeps, let us silent for 3 minutes 
and mourn sincerely for HIM who just passed away few days ago
am really feel sorry to know that :(
SHE is just doing her best to be tough but actually she is not, she needs more love
fortunately, she has a bunch of friends,
who give her alot of love and care which make her strong
he is gone, but his love to you will never fade
all the best to YOU!

*the picture that taken by YOU*