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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My new fringe "かわいい"!!!

First of all, I cut my fringe into this!!!

I was worrying that I will look nerdy with it or whatever
BUT, was kinda surprised that all my babes love it and I look 99% alike with Japanese!!
Watashiwa Kumiko desssneh~ :)

I had a nice monday this week, no monday blues :D
As in I switched my off-day to monday, so yea

First of all, Haward fetched me to Kepong to settle my car license thingy
And we did chat a lot, like hell a lot LOL
Know what, he just can't stop talking :P
but he don't crap, all the things he talked is kinda useful
Haward, you should be proud!! am praising you! hah

I walked around and I stepped into Kitschen
Damn it, I saw alot of nice dress, tops and skirts!!!
I grabbed a T-shirt and I changed it straight away! hah
my pattern la, I use to do that often
what a GOOD behavior I have :P
I tried few and I like them, I need $$ la, ishhh -.-
But I told myseld "daphne, stop it, you have to save money, rmb?"
so yea, I only bought the T-shirt I changed straight away and a skirt that I love it to the max :)

This is the shirt I changed straight away :)

The shirt I love to the max!! :)

I like these 2 pieces too, but I didn't get them

*after I changed the tops*before* :D

Popeye for my lunch, weeeeeee
I miss the mashed potato but I cannot have it, sad case :(

After that, off to have a movie named "fire of conscience"
hmmm.. so so lah the movie
but I like to watch movie ♥  :)

well, Met up with Eugene after the movie
I don't know how to communicate with him as in I am not lame at all, hah
Okay okay, don't slap me.
I admit, am lame as well, so I could understand his lame jokes and I kept laughing
I found myself very stupid when am talking with him, arggg
Eugene, please, don't ANTI-SOCIAL -.-

FYI, I let it go and am not going to get it back. No point.
woohooo, champaign please

It's already 3:23am
I not yet hear "what cha say~~~", way!!

*tik tok at 12*