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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today should be Daphne Day :(
But I have to work
Don't ask me why, I don't know how to answer lahh

I lost my mobile phone :(
The damn-est thing is that, the mobile phone isn't mine one
Sorry to Elton, very very sorry
Hey! The fellow who stole my mobile, I gonna curse you to the hell!!
Let see, I bet!! The mobile phone is going to explode when you using it!!
I believe in KARMA!!! WTH

fine, just forget it
I will try to get a new one for myself
"daddy, could you sponsor me a little? pls pls pls~~"

-A short conversation between me and my daddy few days ago-
"Have you eaten? I wanna da bao something."
"hmm...already eat, just now having lunch with my friend ma..."
"ohh..ok then."
"wahh..luckily just now you were not here..haha"
"huh? Why say so?"
"coz my friend is very very very tall!! she is taller then Jie..LOL"
"wahhhh!!! girl or guy?"
"girl la!!"
"then ma taller then me???"
"almost lo!! LOL"
"then you tell her, do not come over here when I am here...haha"
"lol...ya also..haha..she is one of my best friend la~I look very tiny beside her...haha"
" wonder she can be your best friend la!! hahahah"
"apa ohhh....*speechless*"

This is how I communicate with my daddy
He's quite childish sometime *wink* :P

Just finish reading Popteen-OCT
it's NOT easy to be a model as what you guys think
"pose pose pose only then can get money d wat, what so difficult?"
Hello people, don't be so naive
One of the tough things is that we can't bring our emotion into the modeling section
you can't show any little sadness on your face, even your family just pass away or you just dumped by your loved one
The director and the photographer will not going to give a shit or sympathize your situation instead of they will shout at you like
"what are you doing?? this is call posing?? what expression is that??"
Indeed, we are shining on the pictures or on the stage
But behind the scene, who knows how much effort we put and who cares?
I know many girls out there are so craving for modeling
I met alot of girls who always tell me
"Wow, how good if I could be a model too!!"
"coz can get fast-money and it's a relaxing job lo~"
oh please....this is not the right way
And don't join modeling if you cannot resist the temptation of money

Many people were wondering that why never see any updates from me in modeling
yea, I stopped it for 2 months
Just to settle all my jobs and re-prepare myself
Fyi, I am not only doing modeling but I also work as a graphic designer
My life is kinda messy lately
Trying my best to clear all the things which keep disturbing my mind
and I am always sticking with my Angelyne dear for every Daphne day
so....stay tune for my coming modeling projects ya
Sorry to those photographers and thanks for being understanding about my situation

Ok, be ready guys
I am gonna post a funny picture


AD and mummy please don't whack me
This is not my idea la ofcause
I just edit the picture according to our smart and pro Angelyne writer's idea LOL
How is it? I just simply edit and paint it la
So...don't complain about my skill la k? :P
Cant be so fussy sometime :D

well, stop here
going to have another post which is about Fashion
I prefer to separate it

*tik tok at 12*