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Thursday, December 3, 2009

PMS, beware

Very easy to get pissed lately
Neh! Thanks to the PMS lahh
Make my mood swing easily

And I have no idea with those, so called RICH people
I know you are rich, But I doubt that aren't u educated?
Yea, I know your english is much pro-er then me, so what?
Should I crap for you?
Nah, even a 3 years old kid know to say THANK YOU after you do something for them
Watch out your mouth and pls correct your attitude!

I admit I hate your face very much, not even want to look at you
BUT! since I am a professional Graphic designer and also a good worker
I tried to smile to you and talk to you nicely, I did it but I am not mean it
I felt like whack you to the ground u know? LOL
Call me a PRO PR, Thanks~ LMAO

Tell you what, I could control my emotional very well! HAH
I mean I could hide it very well if I want to
But no point for me to hide it lahh right?
So I just blahhhh all out to my dear LOL
Only my dear deserve this special service

Here to say sorry that I refused to reply some MSN-msg from friends
Or should I call them as net-friends? Coz we never meet :P
I don't like to answer question when I am emo-ing
and I don't like to explain
I will be freak out if you keep asking me for reply
I repeated this again and again like 9894322048 times *copyrighted-Angelyne dear*
Since I mention my angelyne dear,
She is the cutest HOT lady that I ever met
WHY I say so?
Just read her blog jek la, you will find out what am I trying to tell

Oh ya, I recall something
Pls allow me to scold a guy here
Don't take your seat into this since I didn't mention the name
  • Don't think you are a photographer even you are holding a DSLR
  • You are nothing to us, so we are not needed to take all of the shits that you've given
  • Tell me who the hell you are before you asking girls for sexy shooting and without payment
  • Who give you the rights to scold them when they refused your request????
  • hello, pls don't spoil the market in this line-
  • I don't care how good the pictures you can give, I don't care how "pro" is your skill, just don't expect me/anyone to respect you as you have a suck attitude!!
  • talk to me only when you reach the stage like Nigel Barker, opps, I think you might not know who is he. Then I should say, talk to me only when you reach the stage like Louis Pang
  • well, you might say "this is non-of your business!", whatever jek la, just get away from my dear and my babes, they are not your pets

After reading Cheesie's blog
I get her idea, or I should say I have to re-consider what to do with my blog again
I just don't wanna random blog ALWAYS, so..
Which category should I go for?
More on fashion? More on modeling? More on designing?
hmm...or something to do with Cinderella?
I guess I get the concept d...muahahahaha
Btw, i still need your suggestion la
Comment pls, thanks
Heeeeeee :)