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Friday, November 6, 2009

New life to go *again

me and my lovely angelyne dear~~ mwahss

Well, why I was not update my blog these few days?

Because!!! I closed my blog for renovation *LOL

How is it?

I know it's a bit hard to read, but what to do

I love my new layout :P

Look at the left hand side

You can drag the images and put it any way you like

Interesting? :)

Hope you guys enjoy ya

after you drag and re-arrange the images, do print screen then email it to me/upload on FB to show me ya


Know what??

I have my 1st experience in club.... just like -finally- *lol

fine!! Don't show me that kind of face

I never and I don't club, surprise?

Hard to believe huh?

But it's true~ :D

I went club for my Ah Yee dear's birthday

Anyway, have so much fun with my mummy, kenny, nicholas dai lou and all my babe girls

moonmoon, me, ah yee, hui xian, shin lui, pat, hooi shan and bitterchoc*all my lovely babes~

look...what my babes doing? LOL

Ian and my tall tall babe (rmb this guy, he simply slap ppl when he get drunk..LOL)

me and Anson* the cute guy LOL

toki, toki's gf, me, mummy and my ah yee dear~

They danced like nobody's business

They are HOT! :P

I joined them and I touched their bodies

nah~ envy huh?

Only me can touch my hot babes :P

and I met Ah Yee's friends there

1st time!!! 1st time I dance with guys *OMG

It made me feel shy *LOL

What again? Can't I feel shy??? *ishhh

Then Thanks to angelyne dear :)

for what? dear, you know I know enough lo

oh ya...special thanks to Village Idiot also :)

Before I going to Quattro, I am finding people to fetch me there

BUT!! I left my mobile at home *wth

It pissed me off but made me realized many things

Not that bad, I learned a lesson

And Mr. AD, thanks thanks

By the way, AD, your make up is COOL enough u know?

I think You can get more girl-friends with that make up~ jk jk :P

I get home around 2am++

Sorry daddy that I made you worry, love ya

miss my dears and babes so much!

Let's hang out together next time :)



Dislike me, just tell or just be yourself

You are not needed to pretend like so good with me

No point at all!

And please, I have done nothing wrong, and I never mess with you

I don't know why you hate me

Just because of your lovely boy-friend?

Oh Come on

I don't love him, and not even like him anymore

We are just friends k?

So don't be so sensitive

No offense, I just wanna be a friend with you



I wanna make an announcement here

Girls, note down this email address:

He copied my msn name+picture and cheated my dear to on her webcam

Luckily my dear smart

knew that was not me

Then so on, he said he is my BF

so funny!!! almost everyone know that I am Single

How come I got BF??? LOL

my dear on his webcam and he shown his bloody small "brother"

Well, he off it very fast

So my dear can't snap any picture of him *ishhh

Beware of him every girls

now he changed his name to " yeviko babe Aka Baka ~ bab3 ~"

Don't get cheated!!!


What is friend meant to him?

A tool that entertain him when he feel lonely?

A fool to make him happy everytime when he feel sad?

I have no idea

I just know he taught I will never have any friend without him



Last sunday, I met my phoebling dear also

me, AD, kelvin and her watched "meatball"

Angelyne dear joined us as well

nice to meet my phoeb dear~

she talks slowly and very soft OMG

looking forward for our next outing ya :)