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Monday, November 9, 2009

Already gone

Somebody pissed me off early in this morning


Did you know what is "stupid" meant to me?

If you don't know, pls don't try to shout whatever you like there

It's annoying

Due to this reason, I am not going to attend your party

Remember what you said and don't blame me

you hurt me by your words!

"monster face"..."do not welcome you"..."thick face"...


Don't so perasan and taught that I treat you so nice because I still loving you

I am not anymore!

Pls lahhhh....I treat you as a friend from bottom of my heart

how about you? Don't bullshit to me anymore

I blog it out just because I don't want to get any rumor between us again

Know what? I am so sick for being that kind to you and what u paid me back again and again

I do not expect any pay-back from you but I am not needed to bear all the rude action from you, right?

OK...let's end it up


after sending my sis to work

I head to Sunway to meet AD

Then, get off to Time Square for Battle Ground

Support Kelvin a.k.a Mr Katoon :)

This was my 1st time to go there LOL

And after this time, I will not going there anymore

Lala and siham all around :D

Well, I do think like that

Don't get me wrong

While I am waiting for the big boss-Anson

*he was late..hahah

I saw Simon accidentally

OMG~~ Simon, I recognized you :P

next, went Food N Tea with Anson

his eyes are too adorable

May I have it?? LOL

after that, have tea time with AD and his dancing dudes

Food N Tea again...gosh

Nice hang out with Angelyne dear again

We gossip a lot about girls


and!!! Met jez and jas~

Girls, you all know who I mention right? :)

Jez is cool and Jas is woooovvv *WTH


opps...sorry if I laugh to hard

I love you all girls :)

end the day with Anson again


Thanks Anson :)


Am I doing the right thing?